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Yellow Creek Falls

For Mother's Day, we took a short family hike to Yellow Creek Falls.  The trail is about 1/3 mile from the parking area to this spot. It's a great trail for our 3.5 year old to test out hiking without being so tired that she wants to be carried.  C walked/climbed/ran the whole way!  When we got to the falls, we explored all around and found plenty of rocks to throw into the creek.  It is refreshingly cool there, even on a day when temps are 85+ degrees.  The trail continues up to the bottom of the falls, so it is possible to wade in there if you want to cool off.  The trail has some stairs, a small bridge, and plenty of rocks to climb, but it isn't terribly steep in my opinion.  C loved it!  The trailhead is on Hwy 129, north of Robbinsville, approximately 2.5 miles past Yellow Creek Road.  The parking area is a small gravel lot on the right (if you're traveling north). If you reach Tapoco Lodge, you've gone too far.    

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