US 441 Slide in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

As you may know, Western North Carolina was pounded with heavy rains for the better part of a week in Mid-January, 2013. As a result, there was flooding and many landslides around the region.

The biggest and perhaps the most damaging to the regions economy will be the one that completely severed US 441 through Great Smoky Mountains National Park outside of Cherokee, NC. As summer approaches, millions of people will be visiting GSMNP and if you are familiar with the area, you know that a big portion of them drive the only road through the park.

The current estimate for repair is late May to early June. I hope it is sooner than that, but with this work being done in a national park, I would honestly be surprised to see the road open before the fall.

Here is a great video from my good friend +Jeremy Brown  of the damage done by this slide.


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