We love to run.  Until a little injury last fall, we were loving running everything from 5Ks to half marathons.  We're getting back into race condition as the weather warms up.  Here are some race lists in WNC to inspire us all to register and get back out there!

 Asheville Track Club Race Calendar

 The Color Run looks CrAzY fUn! 

Looks like Atlanta & Charlotte are my closest bets. 


Speaking of Running - what about trail running?  I have a few favorite places and I'll tell you about some of them - some are secret ;-)

Tsali is one of my favorite places to run. Period. Steep climbs are worth it when you get to run along Fontana Lake and possibly see some wildlife. The famous mountain-biking area alternates the days that bikes are allowed on trails, so always run a trail without bikes so you don't risk being run over.  Here are the trail maps.  More Tsali info here.  How do you pronounce Tsali?  Say "solly" 

Also, I just have to plug my awesome blue shoes.  I LOVE them. I ran my first half marathon in them sock-free after having them about 2 weeks.  Very light and minimalist, but good for pronators.  I have worn nothing but Brooks shoes for running for about 5 years and I'm in love!
Check 'em out! 


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