It's been a while! But we're trying to get back in the habit of posting. It's hard when the weather is so nice and we want to be outside. Then, we get home and forget to share it. Oops.

Last week we camped on the island in Lake Santeetlah.  It's a great spot for taking the dogs, as we don't have to worry that they will disappear into the woods after a raccoon.  In the map below, you can see the island near the middle of the map.  We put in a the Santeetlah Marina, and it's a five minute pontoon ride.  We have also camped near the island and paddled our canoe from the Marina. It's very doable if you don't mind to paddle for a nice spot. 

If you don't have a boat, you can rent one at the Santeetlah Marina.  Also, there are lakefront sites that do not require a boat.  Look at the top of the map and you'll see campsites scattered along the roadside.  If you like creekside instead, check out Horse Cove and Rattler Ford. You'll find a little bit of info about those campgrounds  here.


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